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5 Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

As the holidays grow near, most of us are all caught up in the blissful chaos of family, shopping, and decorating. It is important that in the midst of the holiday hustle, we are mindful of potential hazards. Advanced Paving Services would like to wish your family a very safe and happy holiday. To help ensure that your holidays are safe, we have outlined 5 safety tips:

  1. Beware of candles. While the flickering lights and hypnotic aromas of gingerbread and evergreen may be the perfect accent to embody the holiday season, please remember to keep all candles within a safe distance of your Christmas tree.
  2. Always check your Christmas tree lights! Frayed wires can quickly turn your Christmas tree into a raging fire within minutes.
  3. Roof top decorations can be very festive, awing the many spectators that pass your home; however, crawling onto your roof can be extremely dangerous. Always ensure that your roof Is stable, can support your body weight, and is free of ice or water. Studies show that nearly 5,800 people are rushed to the emergency room each year due to related slip and fall accidents.
  4. Never leave food on the stove or in the oven unattended! While we are all tempted to multi-task, food should be frequently monitored. Remember to keep your pot handles turned inward to prevent accidentally knocking them over. Kitchen fires are very common during the holiday months.
  5. Protect your big ticket holiday gifts! Make sure your FedEX and UPS packages are delivered to a secure location. Items to be delivered during work hours should be directed to your place of employment or even a neighbor’s home whenever possible. Be discreet when discarding your trash. Never leave empty television, gaming systems or appliance boxes out for everyone to see. Burglars may be tempted to do some free shopping at your expense!

Happy Holidays to all!!  We look forward to serving you in the New Year!

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