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How Can Line Striping Help My Business?

If you have a limited parking area that fills up quickly or has problems with the flow of traffic, line striping can be a great solution for your organization. Not only does line striping improve the appearance of your business, it can provide additional measures of safety.

Benefits of Line Striping:

  1. Direct the flow of traffic
  2. Identify entrance/exit routes
  3. Secure emergency vehicle parking
  4. Designate loading zones
  5. Bring awareness to danger zones
  6. Reserve parking for visitors or employees
  7. Meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance requirements

How often should my parking area be line striped?

Ideally, your parking lot should be re-striped every 1-3 years depending on the frequency of traffic. Parking areas with high traffic such as in a shopping center may lean closer to every 1 year, while a doctor’s office with fewer employees and less traffic may need to be re-striped every 3 years. The weather can also play a crucial role in how often your parking area needs to be re-striped. During the winter months, salts and harsh chemicals can eat away at the paint. Excessive heat, rain, and puddling can also cause your lines to fade.

What are the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements?

By law, parking lots must have some required markings including fire lane and ADA compliance. Fire lanes are usually set by the local fire marshal. The industry standard is a yellow curb with a 4 or 6-inch “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” in black on the curb face and a yellow 12-inch “NO PARKING FIRE LANE” on the asphalt surface in front of the curb. These fire lane specifications vary from region to region, but ADA compliance is clear. The number of parking spaces on the lot dictates how many handicap stalls you must have. The law is also clear about how the spaces are to be laid out.

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