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Don’t Be Fooled by Paving Scams!

Paving scams typically occur within the spring and summer months. These paving scams are quite believable and may appear to be from a legitimate paving service. In most cases, the perpetrator will knock on your door claiming to have leftover materials from a previous job, offering to sealcoat or repave your driveway for a fraction of the cost. Homeowners BEWARE!! Good paving contractors rarely have material left over, as each job is carefully estimated to prevent ordering materials in excess. As a rule of thumb ALWAYS request a written description of the work to be done and the cost upfront. Extra caution should be taken if the contractor cannot provide written contracts, invoices, or receipts. Before you say yes to any contractor who approaches you with an unsolicited offer, ask for a business card that shows their registration and licensing information. Make sure the license is current by simply going online or contacting your local state licensing board. Be extremely weary of any so-called “company” who demands cash payment for services rendered or checks made out to the name of an individual rather than a business. That is a big red flag! Never pay in full until the work is completed; limit what you pay in advance; NEVER pay in cash; and get a receipt for your payment.

While we all love to pay less for more, please keep in mind that your asphalt purchase is a long term investment. Employing unskilled and less qualified contractors can be risky. This essentially leads to substandard work without warranty, and it can cost you more money in the long run. It is not uncommon for these fly-by-night contractors to start work and leave it incomplete. In some reported cases, victims claim their driveways had been completely ripped out, only to never see or hear from the contractor again. Another common complaint is “the good ole’ never-drying sealcoat” job. This paving scam will give your driveway the illusion of a deep black shiny luster, which is very pleasing to the eyes; but it never seems dry. Why, you may ask…?? This is because the asphalt has been completely drenched in motor oil!!! As the cliché goes, “You get exactly what you pay for.” With that in mind, don’t skimp on your paving services! Always seek out reputable, licensed professionals, such as Advanced Paving Services, Stripe-A-Lot, Inc. – the number one choice for routine maintenance, quality material, and a solid installation. We care about our customers!

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