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Concrete Driveways

Trip Hazards. How safe is your property?

Did you know? Thousands of people are injured each year due to sidewalk trip hazards and falls. Some of these accidents have resulted in minor injuries, such as scrapes, bruises, or broken bones to more severe injuries, like chronic neck, back pain, or death. Because the safety and upkeep of pedestrian pathways are the sole responsibility of the property owner, you may be held personally liable for any accidents incurred on your property. Tripping or falling over a broken piece of sidewalk could quickly give rise to a negligence claim, depending on the size of the fractured piece of sidewalk.

Did you know? A “Trip Hazard” is defined by the ADA as a change in any vertical level over ¼” or more at any joint or crack? Even when concrete has been properly installed, the levels may change due to natural settling, fractures, or growth of tree roots beneath the surface. Inspecting your pathways for these symptoms should be done regularly to ensure that you are compliant with the ADA and to reduce your chances of civil liability.

There are many ways to fix chipped or fractured concrete. The two most common solutions are:

Grinding – This options requires the use of a concrete grinder. This is used to shave and smooth out the ridged or raised edge of the concrete to the desired height. A maximum of a two-inch vertical placement may be repaired by grinding. Over two inches would require a complete replacement.

Replacement – This option consists of removing the entire fractured slab. The next step would be compacting the sub base to allow the form and pour of four inches of concrete to that same area. This method can be a little more expensive and is recommended for fractured concrete that is two inches or more at the vertical placement.

Don’t become a victim of “Trip and Fall” accidents! Protect yourself and your property by repairing these trip hazards. We can help! Contact us online today for a free estimate or call us at (302) 654-9175.

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