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Repairing Potholes and Alligator Cracking

Did you know that potholes are caused by the same cycles which causes a can of soda to explode in your freezer? The expansion and contraction of thawing water bends the ground’s surface during winter months, which can leave you with those huge unattractive holes in your driveway! Not only are they an eyesore, but these nuisances can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary auto repairs. You can proactively prevent potholes with patch work at the onset of “alligator cracking.” These unwanted cracks are generally caused by excessive loading, weak surfaces, or poor water drainage, and they are an indication of a structural failure beneath the asphalt.

Let us restore and rejuvenate your pavement back to its deep black luster that will have all of your neighbors raving. Don’t let that “alligator” asphalt take away from your beautiful landscape! With our asphalt services, we can provide routine maintenance and sealcoating that will slow down oxidation, prolong the surface’s quality of life, and prevent water penetration. Advanced Paving Services, Stripe-A-Lot Inc., can not only repair those surfaces, but provide you with quality work in minimal time without breaking your budget.

At Advanced Paving Services, Stripe-A-Lot Inc., we understand the importance and pride that our customers take in maintaining their property. In fact, one of our customers who was recently featured in HomeAdvisor magazine, sought out our services to accentuate his home. What an honor! His driveway suffered from potholes caused by deterioration. We were able to correct this by cutting a larger area of the fractured asphalt piece and compacting the crush n’ run stone structure. This process enabled us to lay new asphalt on the top, making his driveway one cohesive piece. That was just one of the problems. In addition to the potholes, we’ve noticed that his asphalt driveway was also cracked in multiple areas, giving it that “alligator” texture. By installing our hot pour rubberized crack fill system, we were able to rid the customer’s driveway of those horrible cracks. As an added measure, we also applied our tar emulsion, rubberized sand additive to help provide a non-skid surface, followed by a polymer latex additive (also known as a sealcoat) to ensure the surface’s strength and provide a deeper black finish. This was done using our heavy-duty commercial grade sealer which meets RP 335e specifications. The sealer was applied using our strip brush which covered approximately 4755 sq. ft.

This customer realized that the beauty of his home does not only shine within doors, but outdoors as well! So I dare to ask, what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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