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Full List of Services


Extend the life span of your asphalt, whether newly installed or already existing, through routine maintenance and seal coating. If sealed correctly, an already existing asphalt surface can be restored to a rich, new appearance.

Concrete Driveways

A concrete driveway can be an excellent choice for the exterior of your home. Concrete is a durable substance that can offer years of use without requiring many repairs.

Brick Pavers and Concrete Pavers

Brick pavers and concrete pavers provide an easy and affordable way to achieve a classic brick look, whether it is for a patio, walkway, garden, or other outdoor accent.


Sealcoating your driveway fills in the surface voids, leaving a smooth even-textured surface that prevents oxidation, resists gas and oil, weather proofs and beautifies your pavement.

Crack Fill

Crack sealing is one of the best investments in preserving the life of your asphalt pavement, commercial or residential. APS offers a full line of both cold and hot applied crack sealing treatment.

Striping and ADA Signage

The most common type of routine maintenance is striping. In addition, Advanced Paving Services specializes in design and markings for crosswalks, loading zones, directional arrows, stop bars, fire lanes, and ADA compliance.

Speed Bumps

APS professionals design traffic flow plans that focus on ensuring pedestrian safety by reducing speeding in parking lots and vehicle traffic control with the use of professionally-constructed speed bumps.

Catch Basins

A catch basin is a part of a storm drain or sewer system which is designed to trap debris so that it cannot enter the drainage pipes. Catch basins are a large scale version of the traps used in home drains to accomplish a similar function.

Pipework and Water Basins

There are many types of drainage pipes; some are meant to drain water off roofs, while others are used to drain water away from land. This type of water removal is vital for preventing flooding of basements, damage to structures, and soil erosion.

Snow Removal

Advanced Paving Services/Stripe-a-Lot, Inc. offers professional removal of ice and snow. Our team of experts use the utmost care in protecting the lifespan of your asphalt or concrete pavement throughout inclement weather.

Green Paving Solutions

At Advanced Paving Services/Stripe-a-Lot, Inc. we are conscious of our environment and are identifying ways to GO GREEN! APS is making strides to implement green construction practices in all phases of our business.

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